Dachun Liu


Research Areas: philosophy of science, STS, innovation methods, and interdisciplinary studies

Professor Liu Dachun is now a first grade professor (the highest rank professor, there are only 14 such professors at Renmin University of China), the vice director of the Administration Committee, the vice director of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, and the vice director of the Scholarship Committee at Renmin University of China. He is the deputy dean and chief expert of the Marxism Research Institute, the director of the Development Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences in the University. He is also the honorary vice president of the Chinese Society for Dialectics of Nature, and the director of the Committee of History of Dialectics of Nature.

Professor Liu has published many works, including "The Theory of Science Activities", "On Mutually Support Methodology", "Environmental Ideology: Based on the Response to Tradition and Actuality of China and Japan", "New Learning and Hard Trip: the Process of the Rise of Scientific Culture in China", "Between the True and the Good: the Ethical Problem and Moral Choice in the Sci-tech Era", "The Driving Force of Transformation: the Modern Scientific and Technological Revolution and Social Change", "Philosophy of Science", "Introduction to Philosophy of Science and Technology", "From the Centre to the Margin: the Reflection on Science, Philosophy and Humanities" and so on. He has published more than 140 papers in academic journals at home and abroad, as well as at important international conferences. Some of his works have won the Chinese National Book Prize and Humanities and Social Sciences Excellent Achievements Prize of the National Ministry of Education.

In recent years, he has successfully hosted a number of state-level key subjects, such as "On the Evaluation System of Research Achievements in Humanities and Social Sciences", "Marxism Views on Science and Technology and Modern Views on Science and Technology", "Research on the Work and their Innovation Method of Excellent Scientists". Since 2002, Professor Liu has been a chief editor of Research Reports on the Development of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences which are annual reports of the Renmin University.

Professor Liu had been to the University of Bristol (British), Towson University (America) as a visiting professor, and he ever took part in some international academic conferences, such as the 18th World Congress of Philosophy (WCP), the Annual Meeting of International Union of History and Philosophy of Science (International Scientific Union), and ever present topic report in the international conference of Ethic of Science and Technology between China and German (2003). Moreover, Professor Liu has been to Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan to take part in a variety of academic activities.